The Brief: The end of Microsoft's Windows 7 software is being recognized online via memes.


RIP Windows 7 memes mourn the end of an era marked by Microsoft ceasing to provide free support for users of the software. The popular successor of Windows Vista has been around since 2009, but January 14, 2020, marks the day that Microsoft will require users to update to Windows 10, pay for Windows 7 support or risk vulnerability to viruses and malware.

On Reddit, many Windows 7 fans have been pressing F to pay respects and sharing memes about how the beloved software is kil. Some RIP Windows 7 memes welcome Windows 7 to “meme heaven” alongside icons such as Grumpy Cat, Stefán Karl Stefánsson, and Club Penguin.

Although Microsoft had been notifying users of the imminent end of Windows 7 throughout 2019, according to TechSpot, Windows 7 still has hundreds of millions of remaining users.

RIP windows 7
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Following along with the “Club Penguin is kil” and “John Lennon is kill” copypasta memes, some Windows 7 memes ask “Where were you when Windows 7 die?”

Press F to pay respect
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RIP WINDOWS 7 from r/dankmemes

F in the chat bois from r/dankmemes

Windows 7 is kil from r/memes

Windows 7 is Officially Dead. Press F. from r/dankmemes

Windows 7 is Kil from r/dankmemes

F for Windows 7 from r/dankmemes

Press F to pay respect. from r/dankmemes