The Brief: Screenshots from a Rick And Morty themed Pringles Super Bowl commercial question the stability of reality in these Rick ripping the wall/wallpaper memes.


Rick ripping the wall memes come from a Pringles Super Bowl commercial in which the character Rick Sanchez of Rick and Morty realizes that he and his fellow cartoon characters are “trapped in a Pringles commercial.” After tearing Morty’s face off to reveal that he’s really a Pringles-powered robot, Rick tears the living room wallpaper open, revealing the Pringles logo underneath. Then, he’s bombarded by a small army of Pringles Morty robots who are frantically saying “stack pringles to make new flavors!”

A collaboration between Rick and Morty creators and Pringles, this commercial effectively captures the signature style and thematic elements that Rick and Morty fans love, while also directly plugging the idea of “stacking Pringles to make new flavors.”

The ad quickly mutated into a meme format in which Rick tears the wall apart to reveal a variety of shocking things underneath. With a similar effect to Lisa Simpson presenting memes, these image macros typically depict scenarios in which someone exposes a secret or makes a dramatic announcement.

Just turn the oven on.
byu/TH3NUMB3RNIN3 inmemes

Several Rick ripping wall memes use this communist/Soviet version:

Oh we won the lottery
byu/obpie2005 inmemes

Although the original images are from a Pringles (made by Kellog) commercial, this meme references Doritos (made by Frito-Lay).

Rick what’re you doing you saucy boy
byu/OriginalTeo inmemes

Please, we need them
byu/PapaCooki inteenagers

Very true indeed
byu/prestidigitator97 indankmemes

What is this? A crossover episode?

Almost as ambitious as the avengers
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Check the bottom left corner for a surprise.

Made you look
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Why did I do that
byu/Vitya_Schel inrickandmorty