The Brief: The latest TikTok meme calls on users to remember their most beloved childhood moments, products, and pop culture references.


TikTok Trends come and go, but nostalgia lasts forever. The latest viral TikTok meme asks users to think back on nostalgic moments from decades past.

Gen Zers and Millennials alike are using the hashtag #RememberWhen to share their favorite memories, shows, and products from the 1990’s and early 2000’s. Not to be confused with #NotMyGeneration TikTok memes which imagine teen life in the mid to late 20th century, this hashtag romanticizes more recent times. The majority of  #RememberWhen TikTok memes depict positive memories and are set to decade appropriate music.

To date, videos tagged with #RememberWhen have been viewed over 51 million times.

These memes are for everyone longing for the simpler days of sleepovers.

While this one is big mood for students struggling with senioritis.

Remembering Shows, Products, & Stars

In several iterations of this meme, influencers share still images and/or videos of some of their favorite childhood products, shows, and stars.

For the George Lopez stans.

In some versions of the meme, users have recreated the opening credits to some of their favorite TV shows. These memes are played against a sound clip of “Hall of Fame” by iconic Millennial band, The Script.

Apparently, the Fidget Spinner has also made it to the “hall of fame.” Fidget spinner FTW!

The Awkward Perils of Dating

Perhaps one of the more awkward (and therefore, memorable) aspects of youth is entering the dating pool. Several #RememberWhen TikTok memes roast the stresses and insecurities surrounding Millennial and Gen Z dating.

These memes almost exclusively target the younger generations as Baby Boomers aren’t as familiar with sliding into someone’s DM’s.

Back off, sis!

Epic Convos

Several TikTok’rs have used this specific filter to emphasize the awkwardness/uncomfortability of certain conversations with adults.

Oof, everyone had that teacher.