The Brief: This meme format from the Regular Show depicts someone avoiding getting passed a flyer by ducking underneath it.


This meme features a cartoon blue jay and raccoon who are handing out flyers. A man walks by them and instead of taking a flyer, ducks under it and keeps walking. After the man walks past, the blue jay and raccoon look sad, surprised, and rejected. The image is from the Cartoon Network series Regular Show and the characters depicted are named Mordecai (blue jay) and Rigby (raccoon). This image macro is one of several Regular Show memes.

In the meme, the man is usually labeled as someone and the flyer is edited to show some text. That way, the meme depicts someone avoiding something or refusing to acknowledge it. This is a versatile meme format with some similarities to Bird Box blindfold memes. It is particularly popular on Reddit.

Alright then from r/dankmemes

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For those who have encountered this bug, I decide to use this Regular Show meme again from r/BanGDream

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