The Brief: A post on the subreddit r/relationship_advice about a woman whose boyfriend has a longstanding feud with a Waffle House cook went viral, inspiring memes and discussions about the story.


Waffle House memes on Twitter reference a lengthy post on Reddit’s Relationship Advice forum wherein the OP describes issues her boyfriend has been having in which he physically fights with a cook at their Waffle House over how his eggs were cooked.

Whether it’s true or not, the post’s author explains that her boyfriend is “an incredibly nice and caring person” who loves animals and is not quick to anger “except at Waffle House.” She goes on to describe how he has repeatedly fought with a Waffle House cook over how his eggs were cooked where each time he goes, he orders runny eggs and the cook prepares them some other way. She says that “it seems like [the cook] spends the week learning new ways of preparing eggs to piss my boyfriend off” and that the two have physically fought six or seven times “like Peter and the giant chicken from Family Guy.”

Read the whole thing here:

The post was shared on Twitter where it went viral and sparked memes and fan theories about this Waffle House feud, many of which reference how Waffle Houses are notorious for hosting fights and other shenanigans.