The Brief: The annual tradition of posting Corn memes on July 1st continues once again on Reddit.


Pride memes are out, Corn memes are in.

As Pride Month comes to a close, Redditors are marking the start of July with a slough of new memes featuring an American barbeque fav: corn.

The future is now boys. from dankmemes

Corn memes have become somewhat of an annual tradition amongst meme-makers. It seems this year is no exception.

Short term investments on corn memes for the rest of today (first of July) from MemeEconomy

Corn memes are now the best in the West!!!! Invest now!!!! from MemeEconomy

In most versions of this meme, meme-makers simply alter pre-existing photos or memes by adding images or illustrations of corn.

Come down in here and eat some corn or we will sacrifice your new born.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA from dankmemes

We thirst from dankmemes

Only the real ones will know from dankmemes

Unsurprisingly, there have also been multiple references to both Children of the Corn and the musical artist, Korn.

Children of the corn rise up from dankmemes

These Minecraft-meets-Corn memes:

Invest for some shucking good profits! from MemeEconomy

Fortniters hates him because he told the truth from dankmemes

The new Stonks meme:

Lucrative profits, but act quickly! from MemeEconomy

C O R N from dankmemes

The reactions on the Dank Memes Subreddit are varied. While some “investors” seem pleased to continue the July 1st tradition…

The moment we’ve all been waiting for from dankmemes

Pray or die from dankmemes

why even try from dankmemes

Others are confused, as evidenced by this How to Train Your Dragon meme.

Seriously Reddit, what the frick from dankmemes

Corn from dankmemes

There’s also a small population that seems genuinely terrified.

Don’t be scared now boys from dankmemes

There’s no denying the low key question on every Redditor’s mind about whether or not Corn memes are here to stay. Nobody knows for sure, but the again, July is just getting started…

Corn Corn Corn 🌽🌽🌽 from dankmemes