The Brief: A variety of meme formats from the animated film Rango are circulating online, mostly on Reddit.


Rango, the 2011 animated animal cowboy film starring Johnny Depp, is making a comeback in several popular meme formats. Eight years after the movie was released, Rango the chameleon and his desert-dwelling friends are appearing in Reddit feeds. These Rango memes capture the Wild West meets taking animals premise and spirit that the film is known for.

Though Rango memes have been circulating for months, they were especially popular in reference to the Area 51 raid, perhaps because of the desert setting and epic western aspect of the film.

I Tip My Hat Off To You

This image macro uses a screenshot from a scene in which Rattlesnake Jake says to Rango “From one legend to another, I tip my hat to you.” These memes depict someone showing appreciation or respect for someone.

They can’t stop all of us from memes

You Ain’t Got The Nerve / Try Me

In a showdown with Rattlesnake Jake, Rango says to Jake “it only takes one bullet,” to which Jake responds “you ain’t got the nerve.” Then, Rango unflinchingly replies “try me.” This dramatic reptilian cowboy scene is the perfect material for memes about nerve, audacity, or daring.

This should work from PewdiepieSubmissions

You Ain’t From Around Here, Are You?

When Rango first meets an iguana named Beans, she points a gun at him, asking “you ain’t from around here, are you?” Rango (who used to be a pet) is new to the desert and still wearing his Hawaiian shirt at this point. The fish-out-of-water “welcome to the wild wild west” aspect of this scene makes it an appropriate meme about newcomers and noobs.

Western salamander film from teenagers

Rango Memes For Lizard Lulz

In addition to these three formats, Rango has provided material for a range of memes including image macros and jokes about the film itself.

guys help from teenagers

Me_irl from me_irl

It’s tiresome being an intellectual from dankmemes

As a sub we should worship this movie from HydroHomies

I will do what I must. from PrequelMemes

Great movie from dankmemes

Welcome to Reddit from dankmemes

That guy earned a spot in meme heaven from dankmemes

Two powerful men. from dankmemes

I’m the most dangerous Apex predator from dankmemes

2 MONSTERS face each other… from memes

Seven Days from memes

Billie Eillish bad from dankmemes