The Brief: PlayStation PS5 memes are circulating on Twitter after the new gaming console was released on Nov. 12.


The highly-anticipated PlayStation PS5 hit online retailers on Nov. 12. Just five months ago, PlayStation released the first photos of the new, modern-looking gaming unit. Many took to Twitter to poke fun at the slender build, likening it to a duck’s bill. Today, Twitter users are singing a different tune, as many are struggling to secure the the unit in their carts leading to hilarious memes online.

Some are worried about the status of their delivery.

While others are hoping someone buys a PS5 for them.

This guy is hoping to get a five-finger discount when he picks it up wearing an all-black ensemble — Black Air Force 1s included.

Those who were lucky enough to nab it in advance are celebrating.

And then there are those who feel completely left out.