The Brief: Sony's PlayStation 5 reveal has led to a surge of PS5 memes online.


After Sony revealed what their latest gaming console: the PlayStation 5 will look like, gamers and meme-makers shared memes of what this modern-looking device resembles. PS5 memes, which can be found on Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and beyond. Many of these memes poke fun of the appearance of the PS5 which looks a bit like a WiFi router with white side panels.

Other memes on the topic of the PlayStation 5 remark on its price, which although not yet public, is rumored to be high. Some men have been joking about how they’ve been trying to convince their girlfriends to buy the PS5 for them.

Comparisons have also been made to Microsoft’s Xbox Series X console. As the internet has become saturated with PS5 memes, there are now meta-memes about people being tired of seeing the same thing over and over again.

Ps5 Memes

You know I had to do it to em…

Who’s trynna cop from DeepFriedMemes

WALL-E as the Xbox Series X and Eve as the PS5:

Blursed WALL-E from blursedimages

PS5 or duck beak?

Quack quack PS5 is wack from dankmemes

Back at ya buckaroo from dankmemes

Literally everywhere from dankmemes

I am once again asking I am no longer asking

Ahh yes, the negotiator from dankmemes

If the Eye of Sauron got a tech upgrade:

PS5 SEES YOU from dankmemes

Doug Dimmadome from The Fairly OddParents:

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Several people noted the similarities between the PS5 design and modern architecture.

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