The Brief:

In this TikTok Challenge, unsuspecting people tap a series of words written on someone's hand to reveal a message or surprise inside their palm. 


TikTok creators are using the #PressTwistPull challenge to surprise someone with a hidden message. In these videos, often set to “Colors (Audien Remix)” by Halsey, users approach someone with a closed fist in front of them, beginning the three step process of this prank meme.

Step 1: Press

On top of the closed fist, the user has handwritten the word, “Press,” indicating that the person they approached should press their hand as one might press a button.

Step 2: Twist

After “Press” comes “Twist”. Once someone has pressed the fist, the user releases their index finger from the fist, facing down. On the top of the finger is the word, “Twist.”

Step 3: Pull

After someone gently twists the finger, the user rolls their hand over so the same index finger is now facing up with the word, “Pull” – clearly a play on the old joke, “pull my finger”. Finally, someone pulls the user’s finger, revealing an item or handwritten message inside their palm.

Occasionally, the final messages are heartfelt, however in most cases, they often roast or drag the person playing the game.

Instead of a message, some users hide a small item in their palm, like a piece of candy.

Similar variations of this meme are often hashtagged with #PressPullTwist, #PushPullTwist, and #PushTwistPull. “Press” and “Push” are sometimes used interchangeably.

#PressTwistPull is by far the most popular of the variations with over 4.6 million views to date.

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