The Brief: Catch up on memes in time for the second round of debates for the democratic 2020 presidential candidates.


For better or for worse, political memes are becoming sources of comedy, information sharing, heated debate, campaigning, and more.

The second round of Democratic debates is set to take place on July 30th and 31st at 8 pm Eastern Time. As the first round of Democratic debates inspired much online buzz and many memes, the second is likely to do the same. Review some of the dankest memes from the first debates and get ready for the second with this meme roundup.

Memes From The First Democratic Debates

One of the most memorable moments in the first round of debates was when Beto O’Rourke flexed his Spanish skills.

Andrew Yang’s choice to go tie-less made for discussion about men’s fashion and memes like this one:

Marianne Williamson’s comments and overall aura provided much meme material.

Get To Know The Candidates

While not a formal or official source of information, memes can be a way to learn a little bit about a candidate’s platform, selfie skills, who they are, or just how meme-able they happen to be. Just watch out for fake news!

Even the less widely-known candidates aren’t immune from the meme treatment…

(It’s John Hickenlooper)

This Kamala Harris meme is a reminder that memes involving presidential candidates aren’t always super political…

Can we reignite dank memes here in this subreddit? I’m in need of fresh Bernie memes: fun, light-hearted. Look at this sweet man. #feelthebern from WayOfTheBern

Gru’s Plan or Pete Buttigieg’s plan? 

Pete’s Biggest Step to Becoming President from BootEdgeEdge

Observe Andrew Yang’s ‘Yang Gang’

Watch and learn, MIGApedes! from YangGang

Marianne Williamson’s stonks and miracles

🔮 Many Miracle Gains This Quarterly Report 🔮 from Marianne2020

Posted by Willie Filkowski on Thursday, July 25, 2019

While we certainly don’t endorse using memes as a sole source of political information, we hope these will help provide some comic relief, no matter who you’re voting for.