The Brief: As Tik Tok dramatically rises in popularity, it has become a prolific source of memes.


The short video sharing platform Tik Tok has reportedly been downloaded over 800 million times. What began as a lip-syncing app is now a source of viral memes.  On Twitter and YouTube, clips and compilations of funny Tik Tok videos receive millions of views. These memes consist of a combination of cringey content, trolling, and comedy videos. As people work creatively within the limitations of the app to create a variety of content, Tik Tok is reminiscent of Vine.

Many Tik Tok memes involve interactive side-by-side videos. In many of these videos, one person is trying to create a serious video while the other trolls them. In others, people work together to create entertaining and comical content. It is not always clear whether or not a Tik Tok video was intended to be a meme or not as unintentionally cringey content is extremely popular.

Tik Tok meme videos are often rife with offensive jokes, sexual references, racism, homophobia, sexism, and other content that is not suitable for many audiences.

PewDiePie has an extensive series of reaction videos to the latest Tik Tok memes in which he expresses both amusement and disgust with what people are creating with the app. His description of the app is: “It’s like vine…with bullying…it can’t get better than this.”