The Brief: A wojak meme character of a girl with pink hair wearing a pink shirt that says "daddy" on it has been featured in various Wojak memes.


The pink hair Wojak girl, also known as the “daddy eGirl” is an internet cartoon character in the Wojak series. She is depicted with pink hair, makeup, and a pink shirt that says “daddy” on it. She usually looks somewhat grim or sad. Alongside Tradwife, “d**k flattening” woman, and Doomer Girl, she is one of the few female Wojak characters

The earliest known documentation of the eGirl Wojak character is a series of illustrations posted on Imgur by user em149n3vc9sk5 in September 2019. Most Wojak characters come out of 4chan discussion boards, and memes with this Wojak character can be found on 4chan, Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter.

Anon hits rock bottom from 4chan

While much of the content relating to Wojak memes and character lore is rooted in sexism, racism, and homophobia, many memes with this pink-haired female Wojak portray her in a positive light. Her eGirl meets softgirl aesthetic have inspired cosplayers to dress up as her and memes often depict her as a voice of independence and reason. She is sometimes compared to the famous and controversial eGirl Belle Delphine.

On the subreddit r/feemagers, teenage girls have been sharing memes with this pink-haired Wojak character in it to dunk on misogynists and hypocrites.

Where da egoists at??? from feemagers

fixed the meme because i got tired of seeing the same stupid stereotype being used from feemagers

More Pink Hair Wojak Girl/Daddy eGirl Memes:

Hehe stay mad, incel. πŸ–•πŸ€ͺπŸ–•

Posted by Daddy EGirl on Wednesday, 15 January 2020