The Brief: This multi-panel meme format depicts Phoebe and Joey from Friends engaged in an exchange that ends in misunderstanding.


Phoebe teaching Joey French memes come from Friends Season 10 Episode 13 “The One Where Joey Speaks French.” These image macro memes are taken from a scene in which Phoebe tries to teach Joey a phrase in French. Although he can correctly say each syllable, when he strings the phrase together, it comes out as gibberish. The exact dialogue goes:

Phoebe: Je

Joey: Je

Phoebe: M’a

Joey: M’a

Phoebe: Pelle

Joey: Pelle

Phoebe: Je m’apelle!

Joey: Me poo poo!

This meme format is typically used to illustrate a situation in which someone understands something up to a certain point, where they then completely fail to understand it. A popular iteration shows someone misinterpreting Coronaivrus safety warnings as an invitation to socialize. According to Know Your Meme, this format has been around for several years before it surged in popularity starting in March 2020.

Stop that please
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Everyone on this sub be like:
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But what if…
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we are the users we have the right!
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A GIF version of this meme:

Task Failed Successfully
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I love this format ngl
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