The Brief: A dance to the Panic! at the Disco song "High Hopes" developed by a Pete Buttigieg supporter has gone viral as both a fun dance and example of the awkwardness of politicians trying to be hip.


Meet the Pete Buttigieg High Hopes dance and corresponding memes.

The campaigns of 2020 presidential candidates have taken note of the power of social media to inform, misinform, sway, and inspire voters. Bernie Sanders streams live on Twitch, supporters of Elizabeth Warren have created a “Meme Team,” an Andrew Yang (#YangGang) themed subreddit is over 10,000 strong, and even Joe Biden is on Snapchat.

As the internet remains a space where spontaneity thrives, even political memes can be unpredictable.

Last month, a video of a Pete Buttigieg supporter leading a dance to Panic! at the Disco’s “High Hopes” went viral on Twitter before spreading to TikTok and other social media platforms. The Bete Buttigieg High Hopes dance video was praised and shared by fans and dragged by those who found it cringey.

The Bete Buttigieg High Hopes dance first went viral in a tweet posted by Buttigieg supporter Conor McQuivey where he teaches a group of people the High Hopes dance which involves basic, repetitious and fun hand movements.

Since then, as the dance has been both mocked and replicated, #HighHopes Pete Buttigieg memes have continued to spread online.

Reactions from stans, haters, and everyone in-between:

You’ve heard of dance moves The Dab, The Floss, and The Woah, but have you heard of the “Mayor Pete High Hopes” dance?