The Brief: Peppa Pig, the beloved children's cartoon icon dropped her first album, stunning fans of all ages.


Peppa Pig dropped her first album, leaving Girlypops, stans, and many others completely shook. Why would a cartoon pig’s musical debut have such an impact on millennials and Gen Z-ers? Well, we’re not exactly sure.

Peppa’s album, My First Album, features such songs from her hit show as “It’s Peppa Pig,” “Bing Bong Zoo,” and “Peppa’s Lullaby.” While to many this may seem like ordinary children’s music, to others, they are award-worthy bops.

On Peppa’s artist page, Spotify lists artists “fans also like.” These include cupcakKe, Slayyyter, SOPHIE, and other pop icons who might not normally be paired with a cartoon pig. A playlist made by Spotify called “Peppa Pig Radio” features artists including Peppa, Carly Rae Jepson, Mitski, Kim Petras, and Charli XCX. Perhaps this is a part of a publicity stunt to inspire memes or merely a comment on Peppa’s stats as a girl pop icon.

Peppa Pig’s First Album Memes

Peppa seems to be having a Hot Girl Summer.

A SpongeBob travels the world in drag meme:

Wig. Snatched.

Yes, there really is a song called “Expert Daddy Pig.” No, it’s not the kind of Daddy that some of Peppa’s pop contemporaries often refer to.

We stan a skinny legend.

A Tyler, The Creator spinoff:

I’m so sorry
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