The Brief: The penguin "noted" memes feature Kowalski, a penguin from the Madagascar movie, with a pencil and notepad.


The penguin “noted” meme is part of the Kowalski penguin meme family. Kowalski is a penguin from the movie Madagascar. He is known for his wits and. He is the “smart guy” in a group of stealthy penguins. The leader of the group, Skipper often looked to Kowalski and asked him for his analysis by saying “Kowalski, analysis!” or “Kowalski, status report!”

The penguin “noted” memes are circulating on Reddit. They depict Kowalski with a notepad and pencil. The photo of Kowalski is typically paired with another photo or words to indicate what he is taking notes on.

n o t e d
byu/Exceon indankmemes

So I’ve been rewatching The Simpsons and now I’m scared
byu/Stanbot03 inmemes

byu/itsthat1guy01 indankmemes

There’s also this version of the penguin “noted” meme.

Taking nootes
byu/BadChief579740 inmemes

More memes:

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[Kawalski: NOTED] Grian planning to start the Granite Resistance
byu/unsuspecting_emu inhermitcraftmemes

byu/Rabarbermannen incsgo

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