The Brief: Paula White-Cain election prayer memes began circulating after she prayed for President Donald Trump to win a second term while slamming her hand on the pulpit and speaking in tongues.


On Nov. 4, President Trump’s spiritual advisor Pastor Paula White-Cain called on the divine to lead Trump to a win in the nail-biting race against former Vice President Joe Biden. During her impassioned prayer, she repeated the word “victory” over and over again while slamming her hand on the pulpit.

“I hear a sound of victory,” White-Cain said. “The Lord says it is done. The Lord says it is done. For I hear victory, victory, victory, victory in the corridors of heaven, in the corridors of heaven — victory, victory, victory, victory, victory, victory, victory.”

She also spoke in tongues and called on angels from Africa.

The moment became a meme, with many remixes circulating on Twitter.

The head-banging cat meme, which has seen a resurgence during the 2020 Presidential Election, also made an appearance in this Eminem mash-up.

DJ iMarkkeyz, the same guy who gave internet users the “You About To Lose Yo Job” and Cardi B “Coronavirus” remixes, is back with a two-parter thanks to White-Cain.

Here’s a dance mix for the techno-lovers.

And, a Daft Punk one, too.

Internet users were not going to let the African angels comment slide, either.