The Brief: Passover 2020 memes bring a splash of humor to the Seder table for this year's celebration of Pesach.


The Jewish holiday Passover or Pesach begins at sundown on Wednesday, April 8th. As many people are unable to be together physically due to COVID-19, sending Passover memes can be a great way to share some humor and virtual connection for Passover 2020 (or 5780 on the Hebrew calendar).

Passover 2020 memes range from lamentations about giving up bread to puns about parting the Red Sea to components of the Seder illustrated via pop culture.


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Passover In Quarantine

This year, Seders around the world will be taking place under COVID-19 quarantine and lockdown orders. Thus, a holiday usually based around physical gatherings will be observed in much smaller groups IRL and through video chat. Passover 2020 memes reflect the changes that will be made to Pesach celebrations during the Coronavirus pandemic from virtual seders to extra hand washing to questions of whether opening the door for Elijah violates social distancing rules.

A quarantine house meme: Seder table edition:

Zoom backgrounds for your Seder:

If The Last Supper (which occurred during Passover) took place on Zoom:

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