The Brief: Memes of Oprah's reactions during her interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are spreading online since it aired on CBS.


On Sunday night, CBS aired an interview with Oprah Winfrey and Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. The two-hour interview included reveals about the British royal family’s mistreatment of Meghan and highlighted major issues within the institution. Viewers responded to the interview as it aired, sharing memes and tweets about everything from what future seasons of The Crown would look like to Tyler Perry’s role in aiding the couple to an imagined YouTuber apology video from Queen Elizabeth. One thing in particular that stood out for people was Oprah’s interviewing expertise, especially the way she showed emotion and empathy throughout.

Many memes from the interview showcase Oprah’s facial reactions and body language, using them to emphasize the power of the interview and applying them to unrelated situations. Two clips, in particular were repeatedly shared and memed: Oprah’s shock and dismay at hearing that at least one member of the royal family expressed concerns about how dark Meghan and Harry’s baby’s skin would be, and her pointed question to Meghan “were you silent or were you silenced?”

Screenshots and video clips of Oprah’s reactions, including one where she raises her hands in the air, have been used to comment on the interview and to allude to other unrelated situations.

Side by side screenshots of Oprah asking a question and Meghan listening with an intense expression have been used in jokes about silly questions that Oprah could have asked in the interview.