The Brief: This meme format is for when something happens that warrants a large "oof."


“Oof size large” memes illustrate scenarios in which something so awkward or devastating occurs that one would react with a large oof. These memes, which are popular on Reddit, typically feature a screenshot of a text conversation or comments section in which someone delivers an epic burn. This is paired with a reaction image of a man closing his eyes, with his mouth open as if he’s saying “oof” and a dial that reads “oof size large.”

These memes feature captions likeย “that’s gotta hurt” and “big oof time.” They often present situations in which someone is roasted or rejected by a romantic interest. As “oof” is a ubiquitous term to use in cringey and uncomfortable situations, the “oof size large” meme formats highlights such occurrences.

That must have hurt!
byu/Chintan1995 inmemes

That’s gotta hurt
byu/captainsam22 indankmemes

That’s a big oof
byu/jizzhandkid inmemes

Get oofed
byu/ShadowCroissant inmemes

Oof size large please.
byu/Area_51alien inmemes

That’s a big oof
byu/Bologneseboi inmemes