The Brief: Memes about the state of Ohio taking over the country, the planet, and the universe are spreading on Reddit.


Ohio memes are particularly popular in the form of Deep Fried Memes and on the subreddit r/deepfriedmemes. On Reddit, memes about the state allegedly taking over the U.S., North America, the world, and eventually, the entire universe are spreading across subreddits including r/DankMemes, r/memes, and r/teenagers.

These memes, which first started appearing in early February 2020, seem to be based on the humorous idea of Ohio, a mostly rural midwestern state conquering other states, countries, and planets. Many popular Ohio taking over the world memes use the website to generate fake news headlines about Ohio’s fictional invasions.

Yo wtf from DeepFriedMemes

Ohio is a violent state of existence from dankmemes

Ohio has æęÿįłmdb from dankmemes

Yes boys we did it all hail Ohio from Ohio

Ohio = Ultra Instinct Shaggy

Oh god Oh fuck, Ohio is at it again! from dankmemes

Ohio destroyed them both. from dankmemes

The Great Ohio Expansion (2020, Colorized) from dankmemes