The Brief: These memes poke fun of situations in which people ask others to prove their interest in something with knowledge about that topic.


It’s an all too common of an experience to express interest in something, only to be immediately quizzed on that topic. Maybe you’ve heard “Oh you like movies? Name every Scorsese film” or “Oh you like The Beatles? Name every song on The White Album.”

“Oh you like this? Name every single one” memes poke fun at the way self-proclaimed experts sometimes try to gatekeep who is ‘allowed’ to be a fan of something based on their breadth of specific knowledge about it.

These memes ask sillier questions than what one might hear in casual conversation…

Oh you like the beach? Name every grain of sand.

Oh you like pop music? Name every one of Miley Cyrus’s pets and Ariana Grande’s tattoos.

Oh you like cinema? Name every line in Bee Movie.

Some of these memes, which usually take the form of a tweet ask people to list infinitely-long strings of information or ask for nonsensical, but highly specific trivia about a topic. This meme format tackles everything from video games to TV shows to celebrities to ontology: the philosophical study of being.