The Brief: "Nobody needs to know" TikTok memes combine clips from two Hamilton songs to make jokes about people failing to keep secrets.


“Nobody needs to know” combine two clips from the Hamilton songs “Say No To This” and “The Reynolds Pamphlet.” The two tracks were combined by creator @hey.look.its.samm who posted a video with the caption “Hamilton:” over the lyrics “nobody needs to know” and then “Hamilton two seconds later:” with “the Reynolds Pamphlets.” This is a reference to how in “Say No To This,” Alexander Hamilton sang about an affair with Maria Reynolds, saying “nobody needs to know” about it, but then he wrote (and sung) all about it in “The Reynolds Pamphlet.”

TikTokers have transformed this piece of historical fiction into a meme format about people saying that they’ll hide something before telling the world about it.  Topics of “nobody needs to know” memes include parents telling their children to keep secrets and teenagers writing about past trauma in their college essays.


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TikTok featured the trend on the Discover page starting on July 27th with the hashtag #NobodyNeedsToKnow. At the time of writing, over 28,000 videos have been made with @hey.look.its.samm’s sound and TikTok reports that videos associated with the trend have been viewed over 918 million times.


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