The Brief: With a COVID-19 vaccine in sight, people are making memes about what a future with a vaccine would look like.


Memes about Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine speculate about a world with an effective and widely distributed Coronavirus vaccine.

On Monday, Pfizer announced that early trial data shows that their COVID-19 vaccine is 90% effective. Although there are still many steps until a widespread and effective vaccine will be available, this news has people excitedly looking toward the future.

Don’t make this mistake:

Some COVID-19 vaccine memes suggest creative ways we could take a vaccine. Note that none of these are FDA approved.

On the race to make a vaccine:

Other people are fantasizing about what they’ll do once a vaccine is distributed…

Some are noting what they’re dreading…

The quadrants’ reactions hearing that a vaccine with 90% effectiveness has been found from PoliticalCompassMemes

Of course, anti-vaxxers aren’t jazzed about this news. One over-the-top anti-vax TikTok video is making rounds online as the subject of ridicule:


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