The Brief: As the results of the 2020 presidential election trickle in slowly from Nevada, the internet is expressing its impatience with Nevada vote counting memes.


As of the morning of Tuesday, November 5, the Associated Press has yet to call the presidential race results in Nevada, with 76% reporting. As the nation waits to learn the outcome of the election, many eyes are on the state and its six electoral votes. Nevada vote-counting memes express the anxiety many people are experiencing as they await a more complete count from the state.

Internet users are poking fun at the state of Nevada and its election workers, wondering if it’d be possible for them to go any slower. Nevada is one of a few states that haven’t been called yet and the current count shows Biden ahead by a narrow margin. Various Nevada vote count memes compare the state’s vote counters to sloths, suggest that the state is loving being the center of attention, and highlight the impatience that people are feeling.

Da Vinky?Β 

Some Nevada vote-counting memes suggest how the counting process could be sped up:

my bet’s on nevada from dankmemes

Not trying to spark any harsh debate but. I found this funny regardless from teenagers

I. AM. SPEED. from dankmemes

On Queen Elizabeth II’s alleged immortality:

Here comes the wait… from dankmemes

Of course, Reddit has some NNN crossover memes…

What happens in Vegas… from dankmemes

Who’s Donald Biden? from memes

Me_irl from me_irl


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TikTokers are posting their own skits and reactions to the pace of Nevada’s vote counting:


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