The Brief: Netherite memes reference the new valuable and powerful material to be found in the latest Minecraft update.


On February 5, 2020, Minecraft released the details of their 1.6 update, the “Nether update,” which is set to include a new powerful material known as Netherite. This substance can float in lava, is stronger and more durable than Diamond, and has a higher enchantment value than Diamond. It can be used to upgrade Diamond gear. The Nether update announcement inspired numerous Netherite memes that explore the potential of this new feature.

Netherite memes are particularly popular on Reddit including on the Dank Memes and Minecraft Memes communities.

Gru’s plan:

Diamonds are always amazing from MinecraftMemes

Netherite gang rise up from dankmemes

Netherite is sick from MinecraftMemes

I never thought I’d see the day from MinecraftMemes

Did somebody say netherite memes? from MinecraftMemes

Help my small brain is confused from dankmemes

The nether update is gonna be LIT from dankmemes

Long live Netherite from dankmemes

DIAMONDS!!! from dankmemes

How is this happening from dankmemes

Bye Bye Diamonds from dankmemes

They’re still number one in our hearts from dankmemes