The Brief: Redditors have put a new spin on the "so you like ____? Name every single one" memes.


“Oh you like this? Name every single one” memes went viral on Twitter in October 2019. In January 2020, the format has spread to Reddit, where it is paired with an image of Gru from Despicable Me holding a gun.

The image macro version of “name every one” memes add an extra threatening element in the form of the villainous Gru with a gun photoshopped into his hand. By asking people to name every single one of something to prove their fandom, devotion, or legitimacy, these memes comment on how hostile people can be towards those they suspect of bandwagoning.

Some variations of these memes rely on stereotypes about different nationalities such as the idea that Americans are obsessed with oil fields and other more offensive stereotypes.

Invade for freedom from dankmemes

Go on. Name every post. from dankmemes

Name every sad boi hour. from dankmemes

This meme format is Gru with the Gun from memes

Oh you’re a weeb? Name every anime.

Name every anime, or things going to get grusome from Animemes

Name every picture from memes

Name every word John from memes

Name every star! from PewdiepieSubmissions