The Brief: Ms. Monopoly, a board game in which female players are given an advantage, has sparked much controversy online.


Hasbro Inc. recently announced its creation of a board game called Ms. Monopoly, stirring up much controversy and inspiring a number of internet memes. The premise of Ms. Monopoly is similar to classic Monopoly, but in this game female players start with $1900 compared to $1500 for their male counterparts. Women and girls also get $240 when they pass go while male players only receive $200. The game is based on a female entrepreneur who is Mr. Monopoly’s niece. Instead of purchasing properties, players invest in inventions created by women.

Similar to the Gillette commercial controversy, this has critics from people with a variety of political leanings, from feminists and so-called men’s rights activists alike. Not only does Ms. Monopoly seem to miss the point when it comes to feminism and ending the pay gap, but it also ironically ignores the fact that Monopoly is based on (and its creator arguably stole the idea from) The Landlord Game, which was patented by a woman named Elizabeth Magie in 1904.

As Jimmy Kimmel said in a bit about the game, Hasbro is “sending a powerful message to young girls and that message is ‘we have no idea what feminism even means anymore.'”

Ms. Monopoly Memes

Some memes about this newly released board game joke about its failure to understand or address sexism and the gender pay gap. Others go as far as claiming that the game is “sexist against men” as male players are at a disadvantage.

Ms. Monopoly’s resemblance to the Karen meme character has not gone unnoticed.

I prefer the real femenism from dankmemes

Hasbruh moment from dankmemes

For some backstory ms.Monopoly is a game where men collect 200 at go but women collect 240 from memes

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