The Brief: A variety of memes from the British comedy show and film Monty Python have been spreading online.


As it has a TV series,  several films, and a cult-following, Monty Python is a meme goldmine. Even without the internet, it’s a source of lasting running jokes and cultural references. Image macros consisting of screenshots and quotes from the films and comedy sketches can be edited into almost infinite meme variations. Most of these memes require a familiarity with the source material, while others are more self-explanatory.

The latest surge involves a series of meta-memes. On the Dank Memes subreddit, people have been posting memes about Monty Python memes.

I’ll be real with your chief, it’s getting harder and harder to make these from r/dankmemes

‘Tis but a scratch from r/dankmemes

insert monty python quote from r/dankmemes

Just a harmless little bunny isn’t it from r/dankmemes

Are Monty Python memes still cool? from r/dankmemes

Monty Python is a goldmine from r/dankmemes

Make Monty python memes popular already from r/dankmemes

Monty Python flying circus from r/dankmemes

Monty python memes are better than shaggy memes from r/memes

Oh I see. Running away, eh? from r/dankmemes

Three. No more, no less. from r/dankmemes

You know there’s 3 other movies and a whole tv show? from r/dankmemes