The Brief: A clip from a Dave Chapelle comedy sketch where he says "modern problems require modern solutions" has become a meme about technology and innovation.


The image in this meme comes from an episode of Chapelle’s Show in a “campaign ad” sketch where Dave Chapelle’s character declares that “modern problems require modern solutions.” His campaign platform is to make Americans fake Canadian ID cards so that they can take advantage of Canada’s socialized healthcare.

Variations of this meme suggest similarly silly “modern solutions ” to modern problems. These sarcastic life hacks often involve the use of modern technology for something very basic. Many iterations of this meme on Reddit present ways to stop Instagram users from reposting memes from Reddit.

Other variations of the meme edit the original format to make puns and jokes, further diluting the meme from its origins and combining it with other formats to make meta-memes.

Chapelle’s Show is the source of other memes as well, including the “cause f*ck em, that’s why” format.

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