The Brief: Mitch McConnell $2000 Stimulus Check memes began spreading on the internet after the Senate Majority Leader  blocked a bill granting Americans $2000 in aid.


As a result of the coronavirus spread in early March 2020, many businesses closed and unemployment rates skyrocketed. An initial stimulus check of $1200 was distributed in April 2020. Eight months later, government officials are finally considering releasing more aid. On Dec. 29, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blocked a bill to distribute a $2000 check to American citizens. Internet users shared their reaction through various memes.

Many individuals were upset that a man with an estimated net worth of $30 million would decide the fate of the average citizen.

Many pointed out how much effort it seemed like McConnell was going through to keep the extra $1400 out of Americans’ pockets.

A few individuals plan to take matters into their own hands by requesting money from the politician directly.

Others are organizing a plan that is a bit more confrontational.

Here’s a Black Air Force 1 meme:

There are also these memes based off of the viral “Racist Smacked With Twisted Tea” video.

Oh, a Bugs Bunny tuxedo meme:

More memes:

“Stimulus deez nuts” -Mitch McConnell- from memes

Fuck Mitch McConnell from memes