The Brief: The latest in a series of Keanu Reeves memes features a recent picture of the actor, edited to make him look shorter.


Yaaasss Queen! Bow down, because Keanu Reeves has slayed the meme game once again.

The latest iteration of Keanu memes utilizes an edited image of Keanu Reeves from the E3 2019 Cyberpunk 2077 presentation. The photo has been altered to make the actor appear disproportionately short.

The meme, which is most often used to convey a sense of false confidence, has quickly circulated on Twitter, Reddit, and 4chan.

Step aside bois
byu/zDark_Knight21 indankmemes

The original, pre-edited image comes from the same presentation as the source for the Check This Out memes.

Some examples from Dank Memes:

Waiting for ice-cream
byu/TheCrusher29 indankmemes

It’s all in the head
byu/redman_xitij8 indankmemes

Hey so um
byu/SomeCarbonBoi indankmemes

Then she batista bombed me
byu/WildFestive indankmemes

This example roasts the difficulties of Tinder dating:

Thought you guys would appreciate it too
by inTinder

This Twitter user created his own version: