The Brief: Michigan and Wisconsin mail-in ballot memes began to spread on Twitter after Biden won the majority vote in both states.


Michigan and Wisconsin were two of a handful of states that finished tallying their 2020 Presidential Election ballot results late on Nov. 4. The race is a nail-biter and these final numbers are critical to determining the next president. Last night, Biden wound up flipping swing states Michigan and Wisconsin, which meant a win for the Democratic Party. Memes then began emerging on Twitter about mail-in ballots and their impact on the election.

Here are some of the most iconic characters in film as part of a walking montage set to Roddy Rich’s “The Box:”

This one is for the Barbz:

A few Avengers Endgame takes:

Despite there being a coffin in the following meme, there aren’t any dancing pallbearers. But press play for an equally entertaining surprise.