The Brief: Meryl Streep's dinner table scream in season 2 episode 1 of Big Little Lies has been memed, remixed, and claimed as a relatable mood.


🚨 Spoilers ahead for Big Little Lies season 2, episode 1. 🚨

Big Little Lies (BLL) is back, this time with 100% more Meryl Streep. In the first episode, a grieving Mary Louise (Meryl) expresses her anguish at the dinner table to her grandsons and daughter in law with a loud and unfiltered scream.

Before letting out this primal scream, Mary Louise says:

“I felt so angry. Angry that their mediocre, ingrate, pudgy, balding, middle-management sons were still alive, and my Perry—I just wanted to scream. So, you know what I did? I did scream.”

This scream is already being lauded as an iconic Meryl Moment and rare expression of feminine rage. Taking a few steps back from this wrenching and intense scene, there are some quality memes to be made of it.

Big (Little) Mood

While Mary Louise’s pain as a grieving mother is something that hopefully few of us can relate to, the scream is a transferable expression of emotion that fans have found to be a relatable big mood.


Meme-makers have set the scream to music, adding comic relief and absurdity to an otherwise sorrowful scene.

A Star Is Born:

Meryl Yelling/Singing vs. Meryl Screaming

An image of Meryl Streep at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2015 cheering while cupping her hands around her mouth has been widely memed, with many variations depicting her singing along to music. Some memes have drawn connections between these two iconic Meryl screaming/yelling meme moments.

Some solid Me Explaining memes:

Horoscope Memes:

Perhaps Leo’s, Geminis, Pisces, Saggitariuses, and Cancers can relate to this scream meme more than others…

Here Come The Emmy’s…

Meryl’s performance in the first episode of BLL did not disappoint stans, some of whom are already predicting that the scream will show up in her Emmy highlight reel.

And last but not least, enjoy this non-Meryl-specific, but nonetheless epic SpongeBob in drag Nobody: Me: BLL meme: