The Brief: On Halloween, Mercury will station in retrograde. Prepare for this spooky season astrological shift with these Mercury retrograde memes.


This year, Halloween marks more than just the culmination of Spooktober. On October 31, 2019, Mercury will station in retrograde, so that its orbit will appear to be going backward until November 2oth. To help you cope, we’ve curated a set of Mercury Retrograde memes to prepare for all that Mercury in retrograde will hold, with plenty of spoopy and Scorpio season fun mixed in.

Mercury retrograde is known for being a period of technological mishaps, miscommunication, and overall chaos. However, this retrograde has the potential to be a time of clarity and positive growth. October 31st is the date of Halloween, the Gaelic harvest festival Samhain, and the beginning of Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

Yes, the promise of a dramatic (and often tumultuous) astrological shift on All Hallows’ Eve may seem ominous, but these Mercury retrograde memes are a reminder that you are not alone and there’s no need to fear.

As Scorpio is the ruler of sex, some people are tweeting about the possibility of getting boo’d up this retrograde.

A “What if we kissed? Haha…unless” Mercury retrograde meme:

Don’t be a clown during this Scorpio season Mercury retrograde.

A Surprised Pikachu reading his Pattern app:

A Mercury retrograde in Scorpio mood board meme:

Mercury retrograde + Scorpio season = a perfect storm


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