The Brief: A wave of extreme-hot temps is currently sweeping much of the globe and people are sharing their discomfort in a series of internet memes.


There’s hot boy summer and then there’s just plain hot. Despite a fairly temperate 4th of July, extreme temperatures are currently circling the globe and social media users have a lot to say about it.

The hashtags #HeatWave and #HeatWave2019 have been trending on Twitter for several days now and the heatwave themed memes have broke out across Instagram and Reddit. It seems people all over the world can finally agree on one thing: they are miserably hot.

Tired of another abnormal heat wave, I decided to go and talk directly to the boss… from EliteDangerous

Then again, there are definitely the few who can’t quite admit how hot it is. Hey, yo check the thermostat!

Heat wave gang from dankmemes

Most recently, Europeans have been especially vocal about the unseasonably high temperatures they’re facing, some places reaching as high as 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit).

Ahhhhh, that’s hot from dankmemes

No biggie from dankmemes

stay hydrated european homies from dankmemes

It seems nobody was prepared for the hot AF summer temps.

Don’t sweat it!

Thank you Heat Wave very cool from dankmemes

Surviving the Heat Wave

While the hot weather may be physically (and emotionally) draining for many, they’re turning to the one thing that they know will give them comfort: LOL-worthy memes.

There are memes for those too hot to sleep at night…

Memes for those glued to their fans or air conditioning…

And of course, memes for anybody suffering a bad hair day (or week).

MUA’s are in high demand!

Several memes roast (pun intended) those who literally can’t even, aka the ones feeling like they might “expire” at any moment due to the heat.

The more extreme or overly-dramatic social media user might even say they’re melting…

Or being burned-alive by the sun.

Heat wave gonna turn this Northeaster into a crispy critter from dankmemes

I’m dead. Literally.

Keeping the Pups Cool

It’s clear that the internet is awash with people who love, own, and admire animals.Β There have been several heatwave related memes as of late featuring animals and more specifically, dogs.

Pet owners experiencing the heatwave should be sure to take the necessary precautions so as to ensure their furry friends will be as comfortable as possible during the extreme temps.

Stay Optimistic

On the flip side, it seems many people are sharing the positive effects of the otherwise unbearable heatwave.

Even churches have jumped on the #HeatWave bandwagon.

During a heat wave … Well played, church from funnysigns

It seems that most people are prepared to face the summer szn at home… in their refrigerators if need be.

Overall, there’s a general consensus amongst everyone suffering the heatwave: we can deal with it, but we don’t want to.

The good news is that winter is coming. Soon, they’ll be a new season to complain about!