The Brief: Memes highlight the breadth of experiences people are having on the social media app Clubhouse.


As the Clubhouse app skyrockets in popularity, reaching over eight million downloads, users are sharing about their experiences via memes and comedy bits on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

Some of those who have yet to join the app still aren’t sure what all the hype is about.

A common joke on the app is that many people on Clubhouse just ramble, speaking with an air of authority, but not saying anything substantial.

Clubhouse memes also note the Silicon Valley bro energy that can be found on much of the app.

It’s true, people who are on Clubhouse LOVE to talk about it.

There are, of course, other notable clubhouses in the world like Club Penguin and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse…

Startup idea: end the pandemic.

People are sharing awkward and cringey interactions they’ve had on the app.

Since Clubhouse is currently only available for iPhone users, some people with Androids are feeling left out, as seen in these memes:

Tired: Zoom fatigue. Wired: Clubhouse fatigue.

Various comedians have shared their impressions of people on Clubhouse, usually highlighting their tendencies to use technical jargon, talk in circles, and act as if they are experts on a subject. When Clubhouse was first getting started, #ClubhouseChallenge memes started spreading on Twitter as people shared their impressions of speakers on the app.


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i rarely hear solid advice #clubhouse #droppinggems

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so much talking but absolutely nothing being said😭 #clubhouse

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a whole lotta talking, a whole little thinking 😂 #clubhouse #woke

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