The Brief: While some people participate in the #FaceAppChallenge, others are roasting the app for the viral trend it's created on social media.


By now, it’s almost inconceivable to imagine that people aren’t aware of the #FaceAppChallenge, the viral filter challenge sweeping the internet. Unlike Snapchat’s “Baby” filter which aged users down to infancy, FaceApp’s “Age” filter offers users the opportunity to age themselves older… much older.

I’m Baby? More like, I’m Grandpa.

Popular Old Age FaceApp Memes

While many people were quick to download FaceApp so they too, could share their old age selfies, others chose to roast the app and the viral challenge it inspired.

Most of the memes do not utilize FaceApp whatsoever.

In several memes, users place two images side-by-side. The first picture (left) is often the user (or whichever celeb they’re memeing) present day. The second picture (right) is meant to be the meme-ified old age version of said person.

More often than not, the two images are NOT of the same person. Sometimes, the older version of the meme subject isn’t even human…

Other memes feature two images of the same person…

And then there are those that age-up celebs to the extreme. Notice how Kris Jenner hasn’t aged, but the rest of the Kardashian coven has?

Many FaceApp memes comedically feature only the “after” shot.

On a more serious note, there have even been quite a few FaceaApp memes used to raise concerns about environmental issues like climate change.

Thought I’d try this Face App thing on Piccadilly Gardens from manchester

This Simpsons meme emphasizes the sudden popularity of the trend…

As does this Distracted Boyfriend meme.

Face App everywhere from memes

Some FaceApp memes point out the app’s other filter features in addition to aging. This Twitter user, for example, created a younger, hipper version of Harrison Ford using a facial hair filter.

While some celebrities have jumped in on the aging action, many FaceApp memes featuring the internet’s fave celebs have been created by fans.

The final contenders on The Bachelorette:

Just for kicks… I made a Face App collage of Hannah’s final 4 from thebachelor

The Paul Rudd Effect

There are several memes that have been used to show how certain celebrities don’t seem to age at all. Many Twitter users refer to this as the “Paul Rudd Effect”.

As far as we can tell, all of the Marvel heroes will age gracefully, with the exception of Ant-Man, who stans claim will never age.

Apparently, Paul Rudd isn’t the only celebrity who doesn’t age…

T. Swift and her eternal hot girl summer look.

Even Lego looks the same…

And there had to be at least one Keanu Reeves meme.

Used the aging face app on Keanu from funny

However, it seems nobody stands the test of time as well as tennis player Roger Federer who, according to this Twitter user, actually gets younger over time.

Here’s hoping we all age as gracefully as Roger!