The Brief: The start of 2020 has been a rough year and these memes predict that April 2020 will be even worse.


The first few months 0f 2020 have brought us international tensions that sparked fear about a possible “World War III,” wildfires in Australia that killed over 1 billion animals, and the devastating global spread of Coronavirus. Online, a place where many people turn to commiserate about the state of the world, predictions are being made that April will be even worse than previous months this year. April 2020 memes pessimistically suggest that January, February, and March were only the start of what’s looking like a miserable, even apocalyptic year.

The trauma and tragedy-filled months of 2020 have affected millions of people around the globe. During these difficult times, the internet can be a place to therapeutically vent about the state of the world and to spread panic, fear, and misinformation. April 2020 memes both poke fun at the idea of April being terrible and seriously lament the possibility. These memes employ dark humor to suggest that January-March were just the prequel to what’s shaping up to be an epically awful year.

If the daily news and predictions of doom are getting you down, we suggest you check out some of the positive and wholesome ways that people are coping with self-isolation during this pandemic. Or, if you’d rather be fully immersed in distraction, Tiger King on Netflix and its corresponding memes have exactly what you need.

No April, please no from memes

On Plague Inc. and other too close to reality video games: s

What game would April be? from gaming

I can’t wait for April! from dankmemes

A reference to Passover, which starts on April 8th:

Oh boy oh no from memes

April 2020 looking kinda scary ngl from memes

can we get a F for April from memes

A concerned Tom Cat meme:

Now onto Level 1 from teenagers

Are you ready kids? from dankmemes

Not sure if this is a good sign or a bad one…

In April it begins from memes

Oh not good from dankmemes