The Brief: After British GQ published photoshopped images of Joe Biden wearing a variety of uncharacteristic outfits including a preppy fit and cowboy getup, memes are spreading about these cursed photos.


British GQ published a spread of edited photos of President Joe Biden in various scenes and outfits, inspiring memes and criticism for subjecting the internet to cursed images including ones of Biden in preppy shorts and dressed like a cowboy.

Though the article appears to have comedic intentions it was ill-received by many American viewers who found the photos to be uncanny and unnecessary. While some people questioned whether the photos were “real” or photoshopped, others simply asked “why?”

Notably, one of the pictures (titled “The Prep Elect”) shows Biden in a pastel Tommy Hilfiger ensemble, holding an iced Starbucks coffee. This image, which has “you know I had to do it to em” vibes, is haunting.

In addition to expressing shock and horror at these photos, social media users also turned them into memes: