The Brief: As COVID-19 conspiracy theories about 5G spread, so do memes that make fun of them.


A pervasive, but widely debunked conspiracy theory is spreading online that 5G is a cause of Coronavirus. Meme-makers are mocking this idea and those who support it via 5G conspiracy theory memes.

The theory itself posits that radiation from 5G towers has directly or indirectly caused the COVID-19 outbreak. Related theories suggest that Bill Gates created the virus as a solution for overpopulation, that it is a hoax, or that it was planned out by those in power. Even before the Coronavirus pandemic, people have been spreading theories that 5G is dangerous to public health. Over 77 cell towers have been set on fire or vandalized in the UK since the COVID-19 outbreak began.

Social media is often a hotbed for the spread of conspiracy theories and fake news, but it can also be where such ideas are debunked, discredited, and made fun of. Memes about 5G conspiracy theories can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and other popular platforms.

5G Conspiracy Theory Memes

An NPC argument meme:

On Reddit, 5G memes often point to Karens and anti-vaxers as the main proponents of 5G Coronavirus theories.

The 5g users do being kinda right tho
byu/loli_tag12 indankmemes

A Gordon Ramsay lemon/lime juice meme from his stint on Hot Ones:

5g ToWeRs CAUses CoRoNa
byu/Seek_and_destroy46 indankmemes

Karen bad
byu/BattlebeeUltor indankmemes

Oh Karen
byu/DEVAiANT_17 indankmemes

iT cAuSes CoRoNa
byu/Manuel1312 indankmemes