The Brief: The Weeknd's Super Bowl halftime performance inspired a meme frenzy with many people captioning shots of his blurry face in a lit-up hallway.


It’s tradition that the Super Bowl halftime show provides content for internet memes, and The Weeknd’s 2021 performance was no exception. Meme-makers were particularly taken with part of the show which featured The Weeknd in a brightly lit hallway, looking somewhat disoriented as shaky cameras shot close-ups of his face before he was met with bandaged-faced dancers dressed identically to him.

Many memes from the 2021 halftime show feature screenshots of The Weeknd’s face or clips of him stumbling down the hallway. Captions compare these images, videos, and GIFs to things they’ve experienced like losing their mom at the grocery store or drunkenly taking selfies at the club.

The pictures also resembled people who are less-experienced with selfie technology using FaceTime or taking pictures:

Screenshots also lent themselves to “POV” memes about what drugs or food might see before they’re consumed.

Other memes reference the overall chaos, confusion, and earnestness expressed in this part of the performance:


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