The Brief: On September 29, Joe Biden and Donald Trump participated in their first presidential debate together as viewers shared their thoughts and opinions on social media via Tweets and memes.


As former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump faced off for the first 2020 presidential debate, viewers shared memes and hot-takes online to add comic relief to a tense night of partisan politicking (and yelling).


Leading up to the debate, couch commentators shared their plans for debate-themed drinking games, some of which could land participants in the hospital…

And in case anyone was worried that young people are too busy on TikTok to watch the debate, it looks like they can do both…


2020 Presidential Debate Drinking Game… (i stole this idea from @maya2960 btw)

♬ original sound – JJ ⚡️

For many, watching a debate in 2020 is a painful task…

After conservative groups and the Trump campaign spread baseless rumors about Joe Biden refusing an “earpiece inspection,” Biden tweeted a joke referencing these false claims:

Presidential Debate Memes

As the two candidates talked over each other, particularly as Trump continuously heckled Biden, many people asked why moderators didn’t take a tip from Zoom and simply mute people when they’re not speaking.

Comparisons were made between the chaos of the debate and that of elementary school Zoom classrooms.

Another apt idea:

At one point early on, Biden responded to Trump’s interruptions and rants with “will you shut up man” and “keep yappin’ man,” both of which struck a chord with many viewers.

Joe Biden on Trump’s “it is what it is” comments about COVID-19 deaths:

Yes, the former Vice President just called the current president a 🤡, causing “CLOWN” to trend on Twitter.

Many people were waiting for the sweet, sweet relief of a commercial break…

When asked directly if he was willing to condemn white supremacists, President Trump repeatedly dodged the question, but did say to the Proud Boys “stand back and stand by.”

2020 continues to blur the lines between parody and reality:

And here’s some more general presidential debate meme screaming: