The Brief: We've compiled the top memes from July 2020 and some August-specific memes to usher in a new month.


Memes Of The Month

Here are some of the most popular memes from July that have potential to remain relevant throughout August 2020. Read more about the top TikTok trends of the month here.

Always Has Been 

These out-of-this-world memes, which are all about questioning reality, peaked in popularity in July.


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Sad/Tired Will Smith 

TFW your wife got into an entanglement with August.


This multi-lingual wormhole mashup meme is popular on Reddit.

Adios-Bonjour template
byu/excretadeleta inMemeTemplatesOfficial

Communist vs. Capitalist Bugs Bunny 

These memes include a very boiled-down depiction of the differences between communism and capitalism.

Capitalist/American Bugs Bunny
byu/yerFather inMemeTemplatesOfficial

Doge vs. Cheems 

This format started appearing in May, but stayed popular through July.

Crying Wojak vs. Chad 

These have a similar premise to the doge vs. cheems memes, but with Wojak and Chad instead.

It is evolving just backwards
byu/AMIS7 indankmemes

Wear A Mask 

As health officials double down on the importance of wearing face coverings to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus, memes reminding people to wear their masks became useful PSA’s.

More fleeting memes from July include the “everything is cake” moment, “Washington Football Team” memes, Mark Zuckerberg surfing while wearing too much sunscreen, and “what ____ you are” Instagram accounts.

August 2020 Memes

Most memes about August 2020 predict that this month will be yet another disaster-filled disappointment.

Looks like August 2020 in the making….
byu/just-here4the_memes indankmemes

I just realized Crysis takes place in August 2020
by indankmemes

August 2020
byu/DarkLordJ14 inmemes

August 2020, anyone?
byu/THEShadowblast inmemes

Guys what has been July’s disaster for 2020??incase there hasn’t ben one yet then we are probably going to get double teamed in August so we should all start writing our wills Just I case
by inmemes

August 12, 2020. Mark the date, for it shall be the fall of a great empire.
by inmemes

We got too much going on
byu/-_MrPancakes_- inmemes