The Brief: This collection of memes explains everything needed to know about how difficult it is to be (or date) a Cancer. Cancerians will celebrate their birthdays between June 21st and July 22nd.


Step aside, Gemini. Cancer has arrived, okurrr?

As Cancers count down the days to Cancer szn which begins on June 21st (the same day as the official start to Summer), the rest of the zodiac is busy preparing themselves for what is sure to be an emotional month.

Temperament & Traits

While Cancerians are well-known for traits like loyalty, imagination, and occasionally getting savage

They also have a tendency to be extremely emotional and sensitive.

In fact, should you ask an Aries or Taurus, they just might describe Cancer as the worst zodiac sign of them all. If the outpour of Cancer memes are anything to go by, it seems like just about everyone is excited to dunk on them this month.

Get ready for the shade, Cancers…

Oof, shots fired.

Just don’t be surprised if Cancer fires back…

Mood Swings for Days

Cancerians are famous for their mood swings and tend to be a “mixed bag” of emotions.

On the one hand, they can be stubborn AF

On the other, they’re usually extra emotional due to the fact that it seems like there’s always something to stress about.

They literally can’t even deal sometimes.

Just like the crab, Cancers are often known for “sidestepping”. They rarely take a direct approach to achieving their #goals, but eventually they get what they are after.

It just might cost a few tears and friendships to get there.

Love & Friendship

A Cancer’s emotions can dramatically affect their professional and personal relationships.

It’s difficult for Cancers to let someone in, but once they do, they tend to be possessive of those closest to them. Because of their sensitivity and moodiness, Cancers are often perceived to be over-emotional and touchy, almost to the point of clinginess.

Much like the crab, Cancerians will shut people out if they feel uncomfortable and retreat “into their shell”.

This Distracted BF meme says it all: trust is an issue for Cancers.

However, according to this Me Explaining meme, Cancers are not the only zodiac with trust issues.

Sounds like this Twitter user speaks from personal experience:

Cancerians may seem hard on the outside, but don’t let that fool you…

Assuming someone can break down their walls (Scorpio, we’re looking at you), they just might find a forever friend in Cancer.