The Brief: In anticipation of Donald Trump leaving the White House, people who dislike and oppose the president are sharing their joy about his departure via memes.


At noon on January 20th, 2021, President-elect Joe Biden will take the oath of office, making him the new President of the United States. Across the internet, people are celebrating how this will mark the end of Donald Trump’s presidency by sharing memes, videos, and quips about how they’ll be saying “bye” to “Don.”

Cheers about Trump’s departure from the White House are particularly popular on #Resistance Twitter and sides of the internet aligned with the Lincoln Project. People are saying their smug goodbyes to the President, noting that once Biden is inaugurated, not only will the “Cheeto” not be able to tweet, he also won’t be president.

Of course, people turned Trump’s signature tagline from The Apprentice, “you’re fired,” against him.

You about to lose yo job!

Feat. Lindsay Lohan’s “The Lilo” dance from her club in Mykonos:

Fittingly, Justin Timberlake will be performing at Biden’s inauguration celebration.

I’m at the Trump impeachment. I’m at the Biden inauguration. I’m at the combination Trump impeachment Biden inauguration.

peach and quiet
byu/sirzerp inPresidentialRaceMemes

time to go
byu/infamouszgbgd inJoeBiden

One. Day. Left. 😎
byu/shrek_cena inJoeBiden

Can’t wait to see it
byu/Harvickfan4Life inPresidentialRaceMemes


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This TikToker made a credit reel for the Trump presidency:

As people jeer at the end of Trump’s presidency, memes express the widespread sentiment of “good riddance.”