The Brief: Kanye West's announcement on Twitter that he is running for president in 2020 has been met with ridicule, debate, and memes.


If Kanye West running for president is on your 2020 bingo card, you’re in luck. On Saturday, July 4th, Kanye West announced on Twitter that he is running for president of the United States. Other than this tweet, West hasn’t taken any known tangible steps to run. He hasn’t registered to run with the Federal Election Commission and the deadline to run as an Independent has already passed in several states. That hasn’t stopped memes about Kanye’s 2020 presidential run from pouring in.

Kim Kardashian West quote tweeted Kanye’s announcement with an American flag emoji. Elon Musk replied to Kanye’s tweet with “You have my full support!”

Many people aren’t taking this seriously, but the last time a celebrity ran for president, he won. Kanye has previously shown public support for President Donald Trump, appearing to allude to his plans to vote for him in an interview for GQ‘s May issue.

Online, some people are encouraging others not to vote for Kanye “for the meme” because it would split votes for candidates Joe Biden or Donald Trump. Some have suggested that Kanye’s announcement is an intentional attempt to take votes away from Joe Biden, in a move to help Trump get re-elected.

Whether or not Kanye is really running for president, memes have taken off on the subject, imagining what the country would be like if West were in the West Wing.

The hashtags #Kanye2020 and #ye2020 have been circulating on social media to talk about Kanye’s presidential run.

Kanye for President! from dankmemes

A crying Wojak vs. calm Chad meme:

This ain’t our first rodeo from Kanye

If he gets re-elected… from Kanye

Yeezys all on your sofa from dankmemes


#KANYE2020 from Kanye

A popular joke in memes about Kanye running for president suggests that the national anthem will be changed to one of his songs.

For fans of Tiger King:

Kanye’s announcement has led to speculation and jokes about other famous figures running for president including his long-time rival Taylor Swift.

Paris Hilton posted on Instagram to suggest that she, too, is running for president in 2020.