The Brief: Meme connoisseurs are debating which meme should be crowned "meme of the decade" via memes.


As the decade comes to a close, meme lovers are using memes to show support for their favorite internet meme formats and concepts. As multiple websites and subreddits are asking fans to vote on what the “meme of the decade” is, potential voters are using social media and memes to campaign for their favorites. While some seem to be selecting memes based on their personal favorites, others are trying to measure the spread and cultural impact to determine a winner.

On the Dank Memes Subreddit, many users are in support of electing Robbie Rotten/Stefan Karl Stefansson as meme of the decade keeping their pledge to honor him as “number one.”

He has to be number one from dankmemes

The only one that deserves meme of the decade from PewdiepieSubmissions

Whether or not the new meme Baby Yoda should be considered is a hotly contested topic.

MeME Of tHe dEcAde from memes

baby yoda should not be meme of the decade from memes

SpongeBob has been a major source of memes like this one and this one and this one

This took a while but I think it was worth it, Spongebob for Meme of the Decade! from memes

I vote SpongeBob for meme of the decade from PewdiepieSubmissions

On some of the most influential memes including press F to pay respects: 

“Press F to pay respects” for meme of the decade gang! from dankmemes

Doge. Much cute. Very recommend.

Doge for meme of the decade from memes

Several popular posts on Reddit nominate Filthy Frank.

Filthy frank for meme of the decade from memes

In spite of his controversial reclamation by white supremacists, there is no denying Pepe’s influence.

Pepe should be the meme of the decade from memes


To celebrate the ending of this meme decade from memes

If you have opinions on which meme should win meme of the decade, be sure to cast to vote on your platform(s) of choice.