The Brief:

On social media, fans of British Royal Family drama have been meme-ing and tweeting gossip about Prince William's rumored affair. 


It’s no secret that Americans are obsessed with British Royalty.

According to Deadline, nearly 30 million Americans tuned in for nuptials between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, while 23 million watched Prince William and Kate Middleton wed in 2011.

For Americans, the Royal Family is as close as we get to a real-life fairytale.

However, that fairytale turned nightmare early Thursday morning, when on ongoing rumor picked up steam and shook royals fans.

The unconfirmed rumor details an affair between Prince William and the Marchioness of Cholmondeley, Rose Hanbury, who also happens to be Kate Middleton’s bestie.

According to British tabloids, the affair rumors have increased as of late due to a supposed “falling out” between Kate Middleton and Hanbury.

Even Brits seemed surprised when news (and memes aplenty) broke on Twitter.

Royals fans immediately took to Twitter, slamming Prince William with viral memes, many of which dunk on his hairline.

This Twitter user used the term “glow down”, the opposite ofglow up to describe Prince William.

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons for fans’ criticism, was the fact that this isn’t the first mention of a cheating scandal within the Royal Fam.

Older Millennials and Baby Boomers will remember the 1980’s media circus when Prince Charles, William’s father, was unfaithful to then wife, Princess Diana.

Fans also dragged a few more celebrities for their infamous cheating scandals. Jay-Z seemed to be a fave

This particular image has been retweeted and memed by many, as it features Prince William, Kate Middleton, and William’s supposed-secret bae, Rose Hanbury.

According to the rumors, William and Hanbury conducted their hook-up during Middleton’s pregnancy with hers and William’s third child.

The irony that seems to have everyone LOLing is that the British Press has nothing to say about the affair rumors, yet they’re more than willing to comment on just about any step Meghan Markle takes.

Since wedding Prince Harry last year, Markle has been the butt of many jokes and derision from the British Press.

Yet, it seems they’re willing to turn a blind eye (cue Bird Box joke here) towards the “real” Royal Family’s obvious mistakes.

Good luck blaming Meghan for this one.

Once again, these rumors have yet to be confirmed as anything but, so I guess we’ll just have to wait…

To see if they spill more tea. Brits love their tea!